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 Edward Lehman, Senior Vice President, National Sales

 Leader, Cigna Healthcare


              “I was charged with the mission of turning a primarily product and relationship focused sales force into a Consultative Solutions focused sales force.  It didn’t take long to figure out that in this almost 200 year old company… making a change like this would be a heroic effort.   I partnered with Sandy and the heavy lifting became lighter. She knows that change
isn’t just physically and intellectually hard, but also an emotional hurdle. She is uniquely able to call that out and help overcome it. I never felt alone in the process. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I always felt like her hand was on my back keeping me safe.


We implemented changes beyond the sales force to all the matrix departments that support sales. The entire system changed. We moved from a 1-year view of the sales pipeline to a 3-year view. Because of this, we were able to anticipate changes we would not have seen coming in the old model.  Our relationship with clients changed from order taking to trusted
advisor. It doesn’t happen overnight, but Sandy’s strategy was persistent, thoughtful and comprehensive.”


"She is fearless, and she made me fearless too!  She taught me to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.  She took me and my team on a journey I was scared to take, but she never left us on our own.  She moved us from fearful to fearless."


"She knows her stuff.  You can trust her.  I do!"


Jackie Haywood

Property & Program Manager

Barkan Management Company


“After I directed the opening of a $10m customer center for a Fortune 100 company, I engaged Sandy’s creative spirit to help drive a consultative approach for earning customers’ trust which would ultimately result in sales and growth of business. This new focus ensured that the meetings in the customer center were always customer-centered and solution-oriented.  With Sandy’s mantra of “turning off the fire hose of product pushing” and her endless, untiring challenge to deepen our knowledge of customers, we turned the corner from “just selling” to “consultative understanding.” Sandy’s insightful mentoring guided a path forward for the team, and demonstrated that understanding customers makes for longer-lasting relationships, which are the basis for year-over-year growth, not “just sales.”


“When thinking of Sandy Dickson, the words professional, consultative and creative are just a few of the ways I’d describe her. I worked with Sandy in the tough competitive environment of healthcare, where the sale of an intangible product is made based on a promise, and her passion for understanding customers underscored every challenge she encountered.


I’d highly recommend Sandy Dickson to work with you as your organization strives to better understand your customer base, nurture your talented people and establish a strong niche securing your place into the next decade!”

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